Border Guard Housing

Location Rovaniemi, Finland
Status In progress
Year 2011
Gross floor area 50 440 m2
Client City of Rovaniemi, Senate Properties
1st prize in an invited competition, 2011

Transformation of an old Border Guard district into a residential area.

The district is divided into different areas, the nature of which is determined by terrain and location. Together the different areas form an intact and attractive residental district. The new building blocks fit naturally into the existing urban structure and coordinate system.

Different building typologies have been developed to suit the different conditions of each area. There are efficient apartment buildings with great views located on slopes, stripe like buildings that meander between the woods and small detached houses that wrap around a patio. The aim has been that the area would have as many types of housing solutions as possible.

Green areas between the building blocks are transformed into parks serving the whole area.  A community café, sauna and club room will be placed on the shore of Ruokolampi pond.

A new pathway will connect the area to the rest of the region’s pedestrian and bicycle network. The new road system is effecient and uses the old roads where possible.

Border Guard Housing