Länsimetro Tapiola station

Location Tapiola, Espoo
Status In progress
Year 2017
Client Länsimetro Oy

Tapiola is a cultural environment of national significance. It is hoped that the overall appearance of a modern garden city will be visible in the designs and implementation of the station. The Tapiola station will be integrated with the Tapiola business and traffic centre. It is estimated that around 20,000 passengers will use the station daily.

The station will be located on the north edge of Merituulentie. Entrances to the ticket hall will be located on both sides of Merituulentie. The platform will be excavated in rock approximately 30 metres below ground level. The platform will be accessible by escalators and lifts.

Tapiola in brief

• Station located under the Tapiola shopping centre
• Feeder traffic station
• One of the two terminuses
• Around 30,000 passengers daily


Visit the tunnel (video)

Länsimetro Tapiola station