Kauriinpolku housing

Location Tampere
Status Completed
Year 2015
Gross floor area 2710 m2
Volume 8400 m3
Client VRP Rakennuspalvelut Oy
Contractor VRP Rakennuspalvelut Oy
Contributed by Aaro Artto (Principal Designer), Jussi Vakkilainen (Project Manager), Satu Niemi (Assistant)

The seven -storey residential building is located in Vuores near Tampere.


The building has 39 apartments ranging in size from 32m² to 70m². Load bearing structure is reinforced concrete cast-in situ.

Facades are of brick masonry. Parking canopy wall is decorated with artworks designed by Petri Seppä.


room/kitchenette/french balcony     6 x 31,5m²

room/kitchen/balcony                         7 x 33,5m²

2 rooms/kitchen/sauna/balcony       6 x 46,5m²

2 rooms/kitchen/sauna/balcony       7 x 53,5m²

3 rooms/kitchen/sauna/balcony       6 x 58,0m²

3 rooms/kitchen/sauna/balcony       7 x 69,5m²

Kauriinpolku housing