Finnoo Marina City

Location Espoo
Status Competition
Year 2012
Gross floor area 220 000 m2
Client Espoo City

“Canal Grande” gets shared victory in Finnoo Marina City Open Ideas Competition

APRT in co-operation with architect Salla Hoppu got the shared equal prize in Finnoo Marina City Open Ideas Competition. The idea competition looked to find inspiring models of urban structure and housing for the seashore blocks and the marina. The marina will be developed into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly neighbourhood, and become an important part of the walking and cycling route spanning the southern Espoo shoreline (Rantaraitti). The plan is to make the whole of Finnoo an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral district.

The panel unanimously decided to award equal prizes to the proposals “Fin-Fin Situation”, “Lights” and “Canal Grande (2)”.

The proposal “Canal Grande (2)” presents an exceptionally interesting canal solution that cleaves the dense cityscape, thereby creating a completely new kind of urban waterway in the shoreline scenery of Espoo. Open to traffic along its entire length, the canal increases the significance of water-bus traffic and adds value to the archipelago. This theme is strong and therefore developable.


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Finnoo Marina City