Goodman Shopping Mall

Location Hämeenlinna
Status Completed
Year 2014
Gross floor area 56000 m2
Volume 290 000 m3
Client NCC Property Development Ltd
Contractor NCC Rakennus Oy
Contributed by Hannu Tikka (Principal Designer), MIka Saarikangas (Project Manager)

Hämeenlinna is a traditional educational and cultural town in Southern Finland. Hämeenlinna is situated at the junction of nationally important rail, road and waterway network.

The municipality of Hämeenlinna arranged invited competition 2005. The task was to expand the town center of Hämmeenlinna to the Southern Bank area.

The competition was won by APRT.


A centralized shopping area with hotels and apartments are constructed on the western side of the city on top of the highway.

Motorway connecting Helsinki and Tampere is now covered by deck and a shopping mall named Goodman.



Goodman Shopping Mall